Road Potomac Skidpad

Learn car control on a wet skidpad with Road Potomac skidpad car control clinic events. (Ages 16+ accepted.)

Skidpad Training

Skidpad (sometimes also called skidpan or skid pad) is used to train drivers in detecting and correcting for skids.

  • Front wheel drive and all wheel drive cars are more likely to understeer (front skid).
  • Rear wheel drive cars can understeer but also experience oversteer (rear skid) more easily than FWD or AWD cars.
Screen shot of the definition of skidpad: noun noun: skidpan a road surface used for testing the ability of automobiles to withstand lateral acceleration.

Register For Our Next Event

All of our events include in-car instruction. We use a wet skidpad on a closed circuit course at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Point, West Virginia. You’ll learn at low speeds (generally under 35mph). We accept both complete beginner students who need expert instruction and advanced drivers who want extra skidpad time. You’ll be grouped with other students according to your skill level.

We accept drivers 16 and older. Minor drivers must have paper minor waivers signed by both parents/guardians to participate. Please email us for more details on minor drivers and waivers needed.

You’ll need to create a free account with first before registering for Road Potomac events. Once you create and are logged in to your account, the registration button will take you directly to our next event. Please note that we are unable to accept EV or hybrid vehicles for events at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

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